UBI Giovani, Hai tante idee in testa? UBI Banca

DDD - UBI Giovani, Hai tante idee in testa? UBI Banca

Motion Design, Grafica e Animazione



UBI Banca continues to focus ever more attention and value on its youngest customers, offering products that encourage them to believe and increasingly invest in their own future. The challenge is to successfully address a young and ambitious target, one which by definition is changeable and full of dreams, by acting as the ideal partner for their life projects, however small or large they may be. The idea is to convey the empathy and close relationship the bank has with young people, helping them give shape to everything they have on their mind, whether it be to graduate, to specialise, to start a business or even to buy a home. And it does so with a campaign that focuses on their ideas, using the metaphor of haircuts to give shape and substance to their dreams. So they cut costs (account with no fixed charges), strengthen their ideas (loans) and style their love stories (mortgages). All this is made even more appealing by the digital contest #viaggiointesta, in which the prize at stake is a breathtaking trip to the city of their dreams for the lucky young winners.

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